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Message from the President

Dear Members of the Korean Society for
New and Renewable Energy (KSNRE)

This is Chang-Keun Yi of the Korea Institute of Energy Research, who plans to serve as president of KSNRE for two years starting in 2023. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of the Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy who elected me, despite my shortcomings in many ways, as the 10th president. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Chairman Jun-shin Yi, up to nine generations of past chairman, advisory board members, vice chairmen, directors, and members, I believe that the society has achieved continuous development.

In order to address the climate crisis facing humanity, the importance and necessity of new and renewable energy, along with topics such as carbon neutrality, energy transition, ESG management, RE100, carbon border adjustments, and energy security, are becoming increasingly important. Both domestically and internationally, as technological development and long-term promotion of new and renewable energy sources expand, various issues are arising. In particular, with the new government coming in, some issues have been highlighted. As a comprehensive academic society for energy sources, the role of the Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy is expected to further expand in the future. These issues can only be addressed through convergence of based on scientific understanding of each renewable energy source. In my statement of candidacy for the chairman, I made three promises: first, to enhance the status of the society, second, to increase the number of members, and third, to establish AFORE as a leading international academic conference in the field of new and renewable energy.

First, we will strengthen the status of the Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy as a platform for technological convergence. We will enhance the activities of each sector committee as a platform to align with the global economic order transitioning to carbon neutrality and activate convergence. We will activate the sector committees with a focus on young members and establish a research group to track trends in new and renewable energy convergence technologies. We will communicate with executives representing each energy source in new and renewable energy to enhance the organizational strength of each energy source, promote convergence and harmony with other energy sources. We will seek ways to support research and publication activities of the member community, strengthen policy research functions, and enhance international exchanges and cohesion of the member community.

Secondly, to increase the number of individual members of our society, we will appoint executives based on active members who are practically involved, review the overall operating system to increase participation, and devise ways to make it a beneficial platform for school, research institute, companies, and new members.

Third, we will establish AFORE as a self-sustaining academic conference that is recognized as a leading international conference on new and renewable energy worldwide. We will strengthen AFORE's position as an international conference, create a platform for exchange and celebration through global networking of members, and make AFORE a must-attend event in the field of new and renewable energy.

We will make every effort to create an energetic meeting and networking space through the active participation of our members, and strive for the Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy to develop into the top society, recognized by the nation as a leading energy-focused society.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Chang-Keun Yi
President, Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy